Know your Tequila!

Tequila Silver/Plata, Tequila White/Blanca

These are clear tequilas that are very young. They are not aged in wooden barrels and produce a tataste that is clean, simple and great for mixed drinks.

Tequila Oro/Gold

Similar to clear tequila in taste and youthfulness but gold in color. these are also great for mixing cocktails

Tequila Reposado

This means "resting". the tequila is aged for a short time in wooden barrels and produces a natural gold color. these tequilas are meant for enjoying straight up or in a top-shelf cocktail

Tequila Añejo

"Aged" is the meaning of these fine tequilas. Like wine or scotch, the tequila ages in wooden barrels for a minimum of a year and gains intersting and unique characteristics. These are teh kings of tequila and can be enjoyed straight up or in a premium cocktail.

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